We make our unique products from soft, poly-coated webbing that stays incredibly flexible in freezing temperatures making it the superior choice over conventional dog gear. Soft to the touch, our waterproof dog collars feel like worn in leather, are easy to wash and and stay stink-free, bacteria-free, and mold-free for many years!

Smelly Dogz Comfort Lead 3/4"

  • The Comfort Lead is the perfect lead for everyday use. It is a standard 6’ in length and the handle is lined with foam for extra comfort and grip. The Comfort Lead is super soft and flexible with a gunmetal grey bolt snap. This lead is perfect for all seasons and is both waterproof and weatherproof, meaning it will not freeze in freezing temperatures!

    Easy to clean, use a mild detergent and air dry

    Waterproof poly-coated webbing

    Durable & strong