Dental Fresh Original Formula for Dogs is the “world’s first and only clinically proven toothbrush in a bottle.” Beneficial for every-day use for both dogs and cats, too.

Original Formula For Dogs

  • Dental disease in canines is very common, especially in small dog breeds. And, periodontal disease is shown to have a correlation with heart disease due to bacterial toxins, destroyed tissue and live bacteria traveling from the mouth into the blood stream, which can build-up and attach to the arteries surrounding the heart. Research has demonstrated further injury to major organs such as the: kidney, liver and heart. Additionally, when the supporting bone below the gums becomes infected – it is also destroyed. The progression of this bone loss can also cause pain, leaving pets reluctant to eat. It’s important to know, if pet’s teeth are not regularly cared for, tartar and mineral deposit build-ups can lead to gingivitis, halitosis, periodontal disease and even tooth loss. The good news is, with proper care and early detection, periodontal disease can be prevented, treated, and even reversed. Because pets can’t take care of their own mouths, it’s vital their pet parents do. That’s you!


    • Anti-microbial formula activates, releases and destroys bad breath causing germs & bacteria microorganisms when exposed to periodontal pathogens & acidic areas where plaque has formed.
    • Eliminates dental plaque-causing bacteria and volatile, malodorous sulfur compounds.
    • Whitens teeth over time with proper use.
    • Strengthens teeth by restoring enamel.
    • Protects gums and helps to prevent and/or treat gingivitis.
    • Instantly freshens breath & eliminates slime (bacteria) in the water bowl.
    • Improves oral health.
    • Eliminates plaque & tartar.
    • Safely helps fight periodontal disease without brushing and no adverse effects on periodontal tissues.
    • Safe for cats, too!